Resilience In I.T

We showed resilience in I.T as we were in groups which we were not used to working in. We had to work with different people who we did not know well but we eventually got the work done and the work that we produced was of a very good standard. The problems that we ran into were only minor problems so we were able to overcome them very quickly, this led us to dealing fairly well in I.T

Resilience in Science

We were resilient in science as we were working with people who we were not usually working with so we had to overcome the social issues before we could do any work. We had some minor hiccups when doing some practicals with things going missing but in the end we had an incredible amount of work being done which was of a greater standard than our other works.

Resilience in Cricket

We were resilient in cricket as we were able to improve our basic skills and learn advanced new skills even though the sport was hard for some members of the group. We also found it hard since the members in the groups were not people we were used to working with so there were some awkward moments but we were able to overcome these problems to become better cricket players and also get to know our group members a bit better.